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We deploy a wide range of products specifically designed to reduce losses in the electrical distribution system and to make individual loads more efficient. All products are carefully sized to match the individual loads and requirements in your facility, with the net result being enhanced efficiency and reduced costs.

Distribution System Efficiency

All electric motors are inherently inefficient users of electrical power, consuming more total current than they actually need to perform the required work.  That extra current flows through your distribution system, creating losses and heat that you ultimately pay for on your electricity bill.  Attaching our EasiLiner™ series products to each of your motor loads eliminates that extra current and reduces your energy losses.


Non-Linear Loads & Power Quality

Loads such as variable-frequency drives (VFDs), DC power supplies, welders and battery chargers tend to draw non-sinusoidal currents from the electrical distribution system. These harmonic currents can actually damage other facility equipment over time, and increase energy losses due to skin and proximity effects in the wiring.  Our PowerLiner™ series of products mitigate load-side harmonics, protect other facility equipment and reduce energy losses and costs.


Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

Frigi-Tech™ is a polarized refrigerant oil additive (PROA) that improves heat transfer and significantly reduces friction in all types of refrigeration systems.  It is specifically formulated for each compressor and refrigerant application, and is proven to reduce electrical energy consumption.  Side benefits include extended compressor life, reduced maintenance costs and quieter operation.



Upgrade your low-efficiency fluorescent and high-intensity-discharge (HID) lighting to more efficient solutions. T5 and T8 fluorescent lighting systems with electronic ballasts offer substantial energy savings, but must be carefully selected for each individual application to get optimal light quality and long-term savings. We also offer digital electronic ballasts for HID lighting systems (both metal halide and high-pressure sodium), offering savings of more than 40% with more consistent light output and lamp life extended by 100%.

We’ll size up your application and design a solution maximizing your light quality, energy savings and long-term reliability.


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