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Almost any industry and facility type can benefit from our energy-saving technologies. Here are some examples:


Distribution Centre

“It has been over a year since you completed the installation, and we are exceeding the guaranteed savings of 13.27% with actual savings of 16.52%. Your team was very professional and knowledgeable on the installation. All went well and you followed up with verifications as mentioned. I am confident that you could help anyone with high electric bills who truly wants to save.”


Office Building

“ ... very pleased with the EASI system that was installed at our facility in February of this year. We were promised a savings of 16.2% and the first monthly report showed a 20.76% savings. That will equate to an annual savings of approximately $40,000.”


Fresh Produce Wholesaler

“I am happy to report that your systems are consistently saving ... 23%, and our total investment in the project has successfully paid back through energy savings in just 13 months. That is a 92% return on our investment.”

“Energy costs comprise a significant portion of our fixed costs and savings of 23% goes a long way in helping us maintain our competitive advantage.”


Manufacturing Facility

“We received our first full utility bill since your system was installed, and we are saving 19.2% from this time last year. That is 6% more than the 13% you originally guaranteed to save the facility and we are very impressed! In addition, the harmonics filtering really did the trick. Our equipment is running smoothly with no tripping and no downtime. That alone is saving us thousands of dollars.”


Golf Club

“Since the installation of your proven technologies back in February of this year we have seen an average kWH reduction of 14.31%. We are very happy to report this is well above the 9.95% you originally guaranteed to save the Club.”



“The system has been in operation now for sixteen months, and thus far we have experienced a total reduction in our electrical costs ... of 16.7%, which is precisely on schedule with your projection of 16.5%.”

“We are also very pleased that your system has not adversely affected our equipment nor the operations of our business in any way. Because of the critical environment that exists in a hospital, any degradation in the quality of lighting, systems performance, or environmental conditions would be absolutely unacceptable.  Happy to say, we have experienced no problems in any of these areas.  In fact, we are not even aware that your system is in operation until we get our monthly electric bill!”

Pepsi Cola Bottling Company
Pepsi Cola Bottling Company

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Ernst-Western Corporation
Ernst-Western Corporation

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